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Satellite Internet Providers Deliver Faster Speeds Than Dial-up

Do you want high-speed Internet access but live in an area that doesn't offer cable or DSL? This problem is all too common among people living in rural locations and in small communities throughout the country. Relying on slow dial-up Internet can make surfing the Internet a painful experience. Fortunately, HughesNet® provides high-speed access for customers who can't get service from major cable or DSL Internet providers. Regardless of where you live in Washington, get an Internet experience you can actually use and enjoy with satellite Internet service.

With Washington satellite Internet, high-speed connections are available everywhere. The only requirement is for your home to have a clear view of the southern sky. This ensures that your satellite dish can help foster a reliable connection.

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Why choose HughesNet satellite Internet in Washington?

Washington satellite Internet is available everywhere

Your wait for high-speed Internet is over.  Satellite Internet is available anywhere in the United States that can receive a satellite signal. Chances are, it's available where you live.

You don't have to go without Internet just because your nearest cable or DSL provider doesn't provide service to you. HughesNet in Washington brings you the Internet you need to be a part of the digital age. Whether you're looking for rural Internet options or you just want a faster alternative to your dial-up service, reap the benefits of high-speed web access today.

Satellite Internet providers offer an always-on connection, without a phone line

Satellite Internet doesn't require a phone line. No longer do you have to worry about your Internet service interfering with your phone, and no longer do you have to worry about your phone service interfering with your Internet. Even better, you get instant access to the Internet whenever you want it.

Dial-up Internet forces you to schedule your Internet time and your phone calls so as not to conflict with one another. With satellite Internet, this inconvenience is a thing of the past. Satellite technology means that you're getting your Internet signal from an entirely different source, so you don't have to choose between browsing the web or making a phone call ever again.

High-speed satellite Internet service is always on. This means you never have to manually dial in or go through a delay when you want to browse the web, giving you more time to enjoy your favorite websites, access email, and download your favorite music and videos.

Washington satellite Internet: The top benefits

Satellite Internet is faster than dial-up

Dial-up was once the most prevalent type of Internet service. But it's not the 1990s anymore, and you don't have to deal with such slow connection speeds. If you've used a dial-up Internet connection recently, you know that browsing webpages, downloading media and viewing pictures is time-consuming. You also know that streaming video is impractical. High-speed satellite connections allow you to access the Internet at speeds you've never experienced with dial-up.

Satellite Internet access saves you time and money

Many homeowners with dial-up choose to install a second landline so their Internet service and telephone service don't interfere with one another. Satellite Internet keeps you from having to spend extra money for a second phone line each month while delivering always-on satellite Internet connectivity. Imagine the savings you can accumulate each year by getting rid of that extra home landline.

Satellite Internet also saves you valuable time otherwise spent waiting on a slow dial-up connection. So if you live a busy lifestyle, run a home business that requires Internet service or simply hate wasting time waiting for slow connection speeds, HughesNet satellite Internet in Washington is a practical investment.

Regardless of where you live or why you want to switch from dial-up, you deserve affordable high-speed Internet. Call 1-877-570-2597 to find out more about HughesNet satellite Internet in Washington and other providers who can give you fast access.

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